Video Guide Unlock AT&T iPhone

Video guide describe how to unlock your iPhone locked ATT network - iPhone will allow you to use it with SIM cards from other wireless carriers. 

This is great for travelling, since you won’t have to buy or rent a phone while you’re there. It is also useful if you want to keep your phone when you change to a new network. Follow this guide to learn how to unlock your AT&T iPhone.

T-Mobile USA iPhone Unlock Methods [IMEI, SAM, GEVEY]

How to Unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone [Simple Methods]

There are a lot of methods that allow unlocking T-Mobile USA iPhone. Each method has its pros and cons.

A locked T-Mobile USA iPhone can be unlocked via several methods. It’s up to users which one to select and use. It can be factory unlocking, GEVEY SIM unlock or SAM tool. All three methods are working, but each one has its requirements for eligibility. Some users are able to use all three tools while others have to stick to just one solution.

SAM unlock is free. It is the best unlocking method for T-Mobile USA iPhone users who saved their Activation tickets a couple of years ago. If your tickets have been successfully saved, you can now unlock any iOS version including iOS 7 iPhone locked to T-Mobile carrier.

This method requires other things as well. You must jailbreak your smartphone before you can use your Activation tickets. Besides you must use your original SIM card, the one you were using while saving your tickets.

There are different jailbreak programs, including Evasi0n7, Evasi0n, p0sixspwn. They are all free to download and provide details on how to run the tools and avoid any problems while jailbreaking. SAM will stop working in 2015-2016.

GEVEY SIM unlock works differently from SAM. You have to buy GEVEY SIM card and insert it together with your native iPhone SIM card at the same time. You should then jailbreak your iPhone since this method requires installation and configuration of one tweak.

GEVEY official site also shares an instruction on how to use the two SIMs and set your handset.
If you are not a fan of jailbreak solutions but still wish to unlock T-Mobile USA iPhone, you can use another method. Factory iPhone unlock by IMEI number requires no jailbreak. It’s up to you whether to jailbreak or not. You have to buy GEVEY for particular iOS version and re-buy another SIM each time you update to newer version of mobile firmware.

All you have to know for this unlock is your:

  1. IMEI number
  2. Locked iPhone carrier name
  3. iPhone activation status

There is iPhone network checking service that will tell your original carrier / country and help you to figure out whether the iPhone is activated with the network it is locked to or not. IMEI code is simple to find. You should enter *#06# or look in Settings – General – About to find this number. It contains 15 digits.

Unlock for T-Mobile iPhone is fast and distant. You provide the IMEI code and other information [version of iOS, iPhone model, carrier name, your email] and wait till the company contacts Apple servers and changes your IMEI status to forever “unlocked” state.

You then get an email that explains that you must connect your iPhone locked to T-Mobile to your computer, launch iTunes and see that you are finally unlocked from this U.S. carrier. LetsUnlockiPhone5.com proposal best price for unlock iPhone locked T-Mobile carrier - now it cost

You become permanently unlocked. You can use any SIM card of any carrier, including T-Mobile USA. You can save money on roaming fees by using local SIMs while travelling. You don’t have to worry about Apple warranty that is not voided after factory unlock. You can freely update your iOS firmware, restore via iTunes and do other things while staying forever unlocked.

Sharing Capabilities To IOS 7 With AirDrop

We've heard quite a bit about iOS 7 at present at WWDC - in reality, the company made it clear there's nonetheless more to speak about.

But regardless of having tons of new features to share, Apple put aside a while to walk through a new safety utility, called Activation Lock.

In essence, it is what it sounds like: if somebody steals your phone and chooses to disable Find My iPhone, he will not be capable of reactivate the phone. Identical if they wipe the phone - they will be forced to check in along with your Apple ID and password, which they clearly would not know.
Barring extenuating circumstances (that "thief" occurs to be a deranged ex-lover who knows your log-in credentials), the new characteristic should keep your data safe, if nothing else.
But will or not it's a theft deterrent, as Apple hopes?

That is a query we'll depart for an additional day.

In the meantime, Activation Lock is out there in beta at the moment, and for iPhones, specifically. An iPad beta will follow in the coming weeks, with the final, public release set for this fall.

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About unlocking iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone means taking an iPhone that is locked to a specific carrier and making it usable on other carriers.

A software unlock is the method by which often the iPhone is modified methods the baseband will take the SIM card of any kind of GSM carrier. This is entirely different from a jailbreak; jailbreaking one's iPhone doesn't unlock it. A jailbreak is, however, needed for all presently common, unofficial software program unlocks.

Apple About unlocking or Official unlocks

Follow the instructions we are going to to unlock your iPhone for use with different carriers.
Stick to these guidelines to initiate the unlocking procedure on your iPhone:

  1. See if your carrier provides unlocking. Just your carrier can unlock your iPhone.
  2. Speak to your company and request for an unlock.
  3. You may have to meet the prerequisites to be entitled to unlocking. After your carrier submits the unlocking request, it could take as many as seven days.

Once you receive confirmation from your company that your iPhone unlock has become ready-made, go to another section.

In case you have a SIM card from the company that is different from your present provider, and you've received proof from your present carrier that iPhone is unlocked, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your Sim and put in the brand new Sim.
  2. Complete the setup process.
  3. If you do not already have a different SIM card you need to use, adopt these measures to finish the process:
  4. Backup your iPhone.
  5. Erase your iPhone.
  6. Finish the setup assistant and restore your backup.

Hardware unlock

The first iPhone unlocking method (on your original iPhone) actually needed opening your phone.
Currently, it isn't simple to hardware unlock current devices; the nearest thing will be SIM hacks, which function as interposers, not a hardware change.

IPSF unlock

This exploit changed the lockstate table in the seczone to read unlocked and designed a spoofed RSA token that was known as valid by bootloader 3.9 (4.6 was not susceptible to IPSF). It overwrote your previous token, which means the phone could no longer be officially unlocked, unless a restore of the actual token was performed from a previously created backup. Because the token isn't changed in a baseband flash, this unlock survived a baseband downgrade or up grade. Apple attemptedto combat this by requiring AT+CLCK command to get sent every startup. In a officially unlocked iPhones, lockdownd does this. In a late version IPSF phone, signal.app performs this.

Cloning Legitimately Unlocked Phones

It really has been suggested by a lot of, however it has been well investigated and virtually eliminated therefore:
  • Replacing the baseband bootloader or firmware of a locked phone to be able of an officially unlocked phone doesn't unlock the phone, as the unlock information resides in a different flash area, known as the seczone and is unique to each phone.
  • Cloning the seczone would duplicate IMEIs which would be illegal in most places and would likely result in a ban of these.
Phones with cloned seczones would not even be unlocked by the NCKs of the phone they were cloned from as the CHIPID and NORID is concatenated with the NCK to produce the decryption key used on the RSA seczone token. The only method make this job is to switch the NORID and CHIPID which isn't possible.


How to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Entire Industries happen to be built over the back of the iPhone and iPhone jailbreaking is one. The idea of iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking involves eradicating service limitations that will otherwise keep iPhone owners by using their iPhone on competitive services. For apparent reasons the services don’t positively advertise their Jailbreak iPhone services and several even will not offer an unlocked. That’s where iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking companies such as best and trustable jailbreak part of. Best and trustable, deliver IMEI centered unlocks for Apple iPhone in the UK and global. IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a unique number released to every cellular phone (not merely iPhones). The Networks use an algorithm that utilizes the iPhone’s IMEI to generate a network lock this means there’s no single un-lock code which will focus on all iPhones – instead you need to get the correct code to your network and device.

There are other unlock solutions available referred to as Jailbreaks that mean alterations to the iPhone main system (IOS). The down side with unlock unlock and Jailbreak iPhone solutions is always that, as opposed to an IMEI unlock and jailbreak, the unlock could be lost using a software update or sync with iTunes. IMEI unlock from The Honest Unlocker (the tweeter takes into account best and trustable Unlocks) tend not to invalidate Apple’s guarantees and so are permanent which means the moment activated the unlock will continue for your lifetime of the iPhone. Honest Unlocks aren’t the prominent provider of IMEI unlocks however are hoping to carve up a big slice in the market making use of their honest way of customer care. A spokesman from Honest Unlocks clarifies that, “Because IMEI unlocks are not available, sometimes the cause for an official unlock and Jailbreak iPhone code can dry up, it is extremely important that men and women are able to depend on a provider.

jailbreak iPhone 5

There are a lot of crooks available which will state they have apple iPhone unlocks for locations and services even when they don’t really. Because we’re in the commercial for the long term were thrilled to shut up shop in a few markets until a new source can be obtained.” To get an iPhone unlock and jailbreak or carry on thus far on unlock news you can visit How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 – the new best and trustable unlock service online.

With the iPhone 5 coming is the world truly ready ? Some will imagine yes others are still not affected at all by its presence as they are on other networks that offer phone like Androids or Nokia, from the words of my best friends he said “I won’t know what to do without it ”

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Apple Demos Activation Lock Security Feature In IOS 7

We've heard quite a bit about iOS 7 today at WWDC - in fact, the company made it clear there's still more to talk about. But despite having tons of new features to share, Apple set aside some time to walk through a new security utility, called Activation Lock.

In essence, it is what it sounds like: if someone steals your phone and chooses to disable Find My iPhone, he won't be able to reactivate the phone. Same if they wipe the phone - they'll be forced to sign in with your Apple ID and password, which they obviously wouldn't know. Barring extenuating circumstances (that "thief" happens to be a deranged ex-lover who knows your log-in credentials), the new feature should keep your data safe, if nothing else. But will it be a theft deterrent, as Apple hopes?

That's a question we'll leave for another day. In the meantime, Activation Lock is available in beta today, and for iPhones, specifically. An iPad beta will follow in the coming weeks, with the final, public release set for this fall.

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Adapteva's production Parallella boards headed to early backers, 16-core model up for general pre-order

Adapteva Distributes Initial Production Versions of the Parallella Computing Platform

Proving delivery on concept, Adapteva also announces availability for pre-orders for general public

Lexington, MA, July 23, 2013 – Adapteva today announced delivery of the first Parallella computers ordered through its highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The Parallella, equipped with Adapteva's breakthrough 16- and 64-core Epiphany multicore processors, is a platform with unprecedented performance and flexibility which brings parallel computing to a new generation of programmers in a low-cost, credit card-sized package.

Initial prototypes were shipped to major backers in December of 2012, but this is the first delivery of the credit card form factor Parallella board. These early "Beta" boards will go out to Kickstarter backers of the ROLF, 64-CORE-PLUS, and DEVELOPER support levels.

Additionally, starting this week, pre-orders of the 16-core Parallella platform for the general public can be made at: www.adapteva.com.

After some final refinements, the remaining 6,300 Parallella's ordered via Kickstarter will be delivered by the end of the summer. The standard versions for non-Kickstarter backers will have the Zync-7010 dual-core instead, with the 7020 offered as an upgrade. Delivery to the entire Kickstarter community will be fulfilled first and general availability orders will ship later this fall. Parallella boards will be available in different build configurations with a starting price of $99.

"The Kickstarter community took a chance that we could deliver an entirely new type of computing platform for only $99," said Andreas Olofsson, Adapteva Founder and CEO. "We could not have done this without the passion and backing of this unique community and I'm excited to see where the developer community will take this platform in the future."

The process for designing and delivering the $99 Parallella board was intensive, with a redesign of everything from the Epiphany chip packaging, for better thermal characteristics, to stabilizing and optimizing the FPGA logic and Epiphany software drivers and SDK.

The final Parallella design includes:

  • Zynq-7020 dual-core ARM A9 CPU

  • Epiphany Multicore Accelerator (16 or 64 cores)


  • MicroSD Card

  • USB 2.0 (two)

  • Four expansion connectors [option]

  • Ethernet 10/100/1000

  • HDMI connection

  • Ships with free open source Epiphany development tools that include C compiler, multicore debugger, Eclipse IDE, OpenCL SDK/compiler, and run time libraries.

  • Dimensions are 3.4" x 2.1"

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